EvisBlog.NET is now open source

本博客的源代码,即定制开发的BlogEngine.NET,现已开源并托管在Google Code Hosting。网址是:http://evis-blogenginedotnet.googlecode.com/
The source code of this blog, which is developed based on BlogEngine.NET, is now open source and hosted at Google Code Hosting. The URL address is http://evis-blogenginedotnet.googlecode.com/.

为应对Ms-RL协议相应条款,本博客引擎名称改为EvisBlog.NET。其他详细信息请参考之前的文章:Welcome to EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET using Microsoft Access database
This blog engine is renamed to EvisBlog.NET in reaction to the related items of Ms-RL license. For other details you may refer to the previous post Welcome to EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET using Microsoft Access database.

Welcome to EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET using Microsoft Access database

If you see this post it means that EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET is running with Access database and the DbBlogProvider is configured against OLEDB correctly .

EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET is cusmized by the blogger based on BlogEngine.NET

You may be interested in the following information as a technical person.

Open Source BlogEngine.NET

You can find BlogEngine.NET on the official website. Here you will find tutorials, documentation, tips and tricks and much more. The ongoing development of BlogEngine.NET can be followed at CodePlex where the daily builds will be published for anyone to download.


Customized EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET

如果你通过浏览本站发现此定制版本可能对你有用,我会很荣幸的提供下载。虽然对原版的改动不是很大,EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET也开源并托管在Google Code。源代码正在整理中,会尽快发布出来。
I’ll provide the download of this customized version with great pleasure if you may find it useful to you. EvisMe.BlogEngine.NET is still open source at Google Code, though it has only a little contribution. I’m working on a SVN issue until the source code can be released.